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If you are selling or remortgaging your home and are looking for a suitable conveyancer, we can help by making recommendations based on our wide network of contacts. We have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with solicitors and ensuring that the process is carried out as smoothly as possible.

Having an estate agent who understands how to deal with the conveyancing process is important as it is often at this stage where a sale may be lost and, in view of this, you can be assured that one of our experienced managers will be available to guide you through the process.

If you are searching for a new home:

  • Once you have instructed a solicitor they will receive a pre-contract package from the seller's solicitor. On receipt, they will apply for a local authority search and any other necessary searches.
  • Your solicitor will then raise any additional enquiries and await the replies, the search results and your mortgage offer, and follow any special instructions from the lender.
  • Once they are satisfied, a property report will be prepared and sent to you.
  • You will then be asked to sign the contract, mortgage deed and provide a deposit. Dates for completion will also be agreed at this stage and contracts are exchanged with the seller's solicitor and the sale is now legally binding.
  • On the completion date, the balance of the funds is received in return for the title deeds from the seller's solicitors.

If you are about to sell your home:

  • Once you have instructed a solicitor, they will obtain your title deeds and land registry copies. You will then be asked to complete a 'Property Information Form, Fixtures and Fittings form and a 'Fixtures, Fittings and Contents Form.' If the property is leasehold, there will be an additional form.
  • You will also be asked to give us any guarantees or other documents not held by you such as. damp and timber reports, planning consents for alterations and extensions etc.
  • The draft contract will be prepared and sent to the buyer's solicitors who will then carry out various searches. Any queries they may have will need to be answered with your help. Once these queries have been answered, you will be asked to sign the contract.
  • Once everything is agreed (including completion date) and the contract is signed, you can proceed to exchange contracts. At this stage the sale becomes legally binding. The Buyer's solicitors will send the deposit across.
  • On the completion date, the balance of the sale price will be received by your solicitor, in return for which, the title deeds will be handed over to the buyer's solicitors.

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